Jennifer Landis is a self-taught artist working with acrylics on canvas. Recently, discovering a love for fluid acrylics,  allowing her the freedom as a perfectionist to express herself in abstract form. She sees her abstract artwork as a study in “composed chaos,” inspired by land, water, and sky as well as metallic minerals; nature’s own color palette. She is a nature lover, holding the belief often expressed by artist Bob Ross that “beauty is everywhere.” There is no better inspiration for art than the simple beauty of the world around us which is frequently overlooked in this fast-paced world. Jennifer strives to capture this beauty in abstract form through natural color palettes both neutral and with pops of color. Her artwork has a flow that is often described as “relaxing” or “calming” to the senses. At times she adds a bolder element through unexpected color or striking contrast to create a statement piece. Her hope is that her artwork conveys a sense of wonder and inspiration to others. 


Current Exhibits

1. Art For The People Gallery. Adventure, Fantasy, and Fun Group Exhibit. June 29th-October 5th. 

2. The Hive Gallery. Creative Arts Society group Exhibit. September 14th-November 9th. 

3. Round Rock Arts Fall Show @ Texas State University, Round Rock Campus. September 14th-December 7th.

4. Fox and Fawn Salon, Lakeway, TX. Solo Exhibit, ongoing.  


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